SUPERBANDZ attended The AAU Volleyball Junior…

SUPERBANDZ attended The AAU Volleyball Junior National Championships this past week in Orlando, FL.

TEAM SB met some incredible people. Players, Family, & Friends really took to SUPERBANDZ and all that it stands for.

Of all the incredible things that took place over the 8-day tournament, THE SB NATION was fortunate to add a few new Members to The World’s Most Life-Changing Testimonials! This particular Video Testimonial shows what taking a leap of faith with SUPERBANDZ can lead to.

Not only did this nice woman experience immediate relief in her Arthritic Knees, but her husband just had to give our Bandz a shot. In the end, his Sciatica Issues were trumped by The World’s Strongest Ionic Health Band!

All of us here at TEAM SB thank AAU & all of it’s participants for taking their very own leap of faith on SUPERBANDZ.

THE SB MOVEMENT continues to gain momentum like no other Brand in the World, & it would all be impossible if not for opportunities like the one granted to SB this past week…


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