SuperBandz Experiences Incredible Testimonial Weekend In Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC is known for its beautiful beaches, endless shopping, & prestine golf courses…But this weekend it was known less for its ability to pull in the average tourist, & became the epicenter for Life-Changing SB Testimonials.

THE SUPERBANDZ NATION never really knows how much of an immediate response our Members will receive from our Superior Ionic Technology, but this past weekend turned out to be the perfect storm for REAL RESULTS.

The links below will show you just a couple of THE SB NATION Members who couldn’t wait to tell their story. SuperBandz seemed to cover it all: Chronic Back Issues, Hip Pain, & it appears SB even threw in Anxiety & Energy to complete the Testimonial Cycle.

Results speak louder than any promise, & the videos below further validate how SuperBandz is changing lives one wrist at a time. As always, you can hop over to to get your very own SuperBandz, or just skim through the Ionic World’s Largest Bank of Public Testimony.

A Super Thanks to all of THE SB NATION Members who shared their story in Myrtle Beach. We look forward to seeing you next year.


Hip Pain Vanishes Thanks To SuperBandz

SuperBandz Helps Solve Chronic Back Pain

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