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SuperBandz Experiences Incredible Testimonial Weekend In Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC is known for its beautiful beaches, endless shopping, & prestine golf courses…But this weekend it was known less for its ability to pull in the average tourist, & became the epicenter for Life-Changing SB Testimonials.

THE SUPERBANDZ NATION never really knows how much of an immediate response our Members will receive from our Superior Ionic Technology, but this past weekend turned out to be the perfect storm for REAL RESULTS.

The links below will show you just a couple of THE SB NATION Members who couldn’t wait to tell their story. SuperBandz seemed to cover it all: Chronic Back Issues, Hip Pain, & it appears SB even threw in Anxiety & Energy to complete the Testimonial Cycle.

Results speak louder than any promise, & the videos below further validate how SuperBandz is changing lives one wrist at a time. As always, you can hop over to to get your very own SuperBandz, or just skim through the Ionic World’s Largest Bank of Public Testimony.

A Super Thanks to all of THE SB NATION Members who shared their story in Myrtle Beach. We look forward to seeing you next year.


Hip Pain Vanishes Thanks To SuperBandz

SuperBandz Helps Solve Chronic Back Pain

Denver Delivers a Mile-High Moment in SuperBandz Testimonial History

TEAM SB is very fortunate to travel all over the world, meet amazing new people, & sometimes make an unforgettable impact on a life. The latter was Thee topic of discussion a couple of weeks ago in Denver, CO.

SuperBandz took part in a Testimonial for the Ages…visit the link below to hear how this one particular Super Woman went without her cane for the first time in years thanks to SuperBandz!

SuperBandz was created to take part in moments just like this. Our Bandz deliver a sense of belief & self-empowerment that cannot be denied.

Results speak louder than any promise a company can make, & THE SB NATION continues to deliver all that really matters:

Life-Changing Results.


The Women’s Volleyball World Makes a Super Impression on TEAM SB

SuperBandz was very, very excited to wrap up a big sponsorship deal with one of the most prominent Women’s VB Associations late last year. Of course, SuperBandz is a perfect fit for a sport requiring intense skill & dedication.

Still, all of the preparation in the world could not have gotten our SB TEAM MEMBERS ready for what they experienced last week in DC.

The Capital Hill Classic was a 3 day battle involving over 500 Teams, 10,000 athletes, & one ultimate goal…To Win!

It was quite the experience for TEAM SB, & the Super Athletes at the DC Classic immediately fell in love with what SuperBandz had to offer. Unfortuantely, there is NO time for this new found alliance to celebrate.

The Season is just setting off, & even bigger events are to come. SB will be in Denver, Atlanta, & Phoenix over the next few months in an attempt to keep up with the Intense Culture that is Women’s Volleyball.

No doubt about it, Volleyball & SuperBandz is nothing short of a Killer Spike to the Athletic World!


SuperBandz Rolls Into Busy Season, & The Testimonials Roll In As Well

All of us here at TEAM SB are constantly reminded of how much of a positive impact our Ionized Products make on the public. Just as the “Busy Season” kicks off, we have already been suprisingly blown away by two new Testimonials from THE SB NATION. Check out our YouTube Channel for the newest videos, & see why SuperBandz continues to hold strong as the World’s Most Publicly Testified Ionic Band…WE ARE THE SB NATION!

Jordan Schafer has been an SB Team Member…

Jordan Schafer has been an SB Team Member for quite a while now, & he was recently traded to the Houston Astros.  Well, Jordan hasn’t wasted anytime in quickly establishing himself as the future of that franchise.

Check out this Super Highlight Video as Jordan flashes his glove skills & arm strength…all while sporting a double dose of SuperBandz!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, & it looks like Jordan Schafer, along with SuperBandz, is right at home in Houston.


This Super Video Testimonial features Gerry…

All of our Team Members here at SuperBandz take a heck of a lot of pride in the fact that our Bandz are the most Publicly Backed in the World. This Super Video Testimonial features Gerry.

Gerry was ecstatic when she realized that The SB Corporate Offices were right around the corner from her place of work. It was a pleasure for our Team Members at the SB Corporate Offices to meet Gerry, & hear how SuperBandz has changed her life dramatically.

The existence of this very blog is to share these kind of instances with the rest of the World. SuperBandz truly is a natural alternative to feeling better, being better, and performing better.

I know Gerry, and millions of other SB NATION Members, would enthusiastically agree.


SB TEAM MEMBER Ike Taylor is staying…

SuperBandz Team Member Ike Taylor Stays With The Pittsburgh Steelers:

Starting Defensive Back, 2x Super Bowl Champion, & SuperBandz Team Member Ike Taylor will remain in Steel City. According to, Ike Taylor and the Pittsburgh Steelers have reached an agreement on a new four-year deal.

Read The ESPN Story Here

Taylor told SuperBandz that he very much wanted to remain a Steeler, & hopes to wear the Black & Yellow for the remainder of his career.

Ike Taylor was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2003, and has started on all 3 Super Bowl Teams. Two of which have ended with Taylor and the Steelers being crowned World Champions.

SuperBandz is very excited to be on the wrist of a multiple Super Bowl Champion, Member of the great Pittsburgh Steelers, & all around Super Guy!

It is clear that Ike Taylor personifies what it means not to settle for Great, when only SUPER will do. All of us here at SuperBandz congratulate Ike on his new deal.




Jody Is Proud To Tell The World How SuperBandz Has Dramatically Changed Her Daughter Bailey’s Life.

Jody Purchased SuperBandz In Hope Of Some Help With Her Daughter’s Asthma.  Little Did She Know At The Time What The Amazing Results Would Be.  Bailey Has Experienced A Huge Reduction In Her Asthma, Boost In Energy, & Improvement In Her Overall Well Being.

Jody Goes On To Mention How Bailey Would Experience Dark Circles Around Her Eyes When She Would Struggle With Her Asthma.  Since Her First Day Wearing SuperBandz, Bailey Has Had Zero Asthma Attacks, & The Dark Circles Around Her Eyes Have Faded Significantly!

This Is Not The First Asthma Testimonial To Hit THE SB NATION, & I Can Guarantee You It Will Not Be The Last.

Thanks Jody & Baily.  We Are Lucky To Have You.



Joy Falahee has a young Autistic Daugter…

Joy Falahee has a young Autistic Daughter that she bought a SuperBandz for just a few months ago. Joy figured that taking a leap of faith was well worth it if SuperBandz could actually help her Daughter in even the smallest of ways.

What followed changed both Joy & her Daughter’s life altogether. Listen to this powerful testimony from a Mother that is truly grateful for SuperBandz.

All of us here at TEAM SB love a day like today…another Proud Member of THE SB NATION with a Testimony that will continue to spread THE MOVEMENT that is SuperBandz.

Joy is the Founder of Early Autism Interventions, & we encourage everyone to visit her site. She, along with her Daughter, are demonstrating every single day what it is to be truly SUPER!


SUPERBANDZ is quickly taking over Major League Baseball!

SUPERBANDZ is quickly taking over Major League Baseball! Witness SB TEAM MEMBER Jemile Weeks getting his 1st Big League Hit.

Of course, in Super fashion Jemile’s first hit was a Double, & his SUPERBANDZ experience was Double as well. Weeks is sporting one on each wrist…Congrats on the 1st of what we know will be many, Jemile.


For those who do not know the origins of SUPERBANDZ

For those who do not know the origins of SUPERBANDZ & all that is THE SB NATION, it began with a single cancer survivor.

The Founder of SUPERBANDZ was introduced to the endless natural health benefits of Negative Ionic Technology by a brave cancer survivor a little over 6 years ago. It was that literal Super Woman who drove our Founder to work tirelessly until he created “The World’s Strongest Ionic Health Bandz”.

It is from these origins that THE SB NATION arose, & pushes forward to provide the entire World with a Natural Alternative to Feeling & Performing better.

The above video brought our Founder to near tears this past week. This Super Woman is also a cancer survivor, & testifies how SUPERBANDZ has provided her with some long awaited relief.

This incredible individual is the very reason our Company, SUPERBANDZ, & THE SB NATION was created…


SUPERBANDZ attended The AAU Volleyball Junior…

SUPERBANDZ attended The AAU Volleyball Junior National Championships this past week in Orlando, FL.

TEAM SB met some incredible people. Players, Family, & Friends really took to SUPERBANDZ and all that it stands for.

Of all the incredible things that took place over the 8-day tournament, THE SB NATION was fortunate to add a few new Members to The World’s Most Life-Changing Testimonials! This particular Video Testimonial shows what taking a leap of faith with SUPERBANDZ can lead to.

Not only did this nice woman experience immediate relief in her Arthritic Knees, but her husband just had to give our Bandz a shot. In the end, his Sciatica Issues were trumped by The World’s Strongest Ionic Health Band!

All of us here at TEAM SB thank AAU & all of it’s participants for taking their very own leap of faith on SUPERBANDZ.

THE SB MOVEMENT continues to gain momentum like no other Brand in the World, & it would all be impossible if not for opportunities like the one granted to SB this past week…